Sunday, March 22, 2015

Review: Pure & Essential Minerals' Dead Sea Mud Mask

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having a wonderful, relaxing day. I have read a lot about the benefits of dead sea mud masks lately. They are supposed to help reduce pores, clear skin, and leave your skin with a nice glow. I have tried a dead sea mud mask before, but I love to venture out and try new brands to see if I can possibly better results. So when Brandbacker was offering a dead sea mud mask from Pure & Essential Minerals I knew I wanted to test it out.

Here is what Pure & Essential Minerals says about the mask:
The Dead Sea mud mask is laden with over 21 essential minerals from the Dead Sea. Each one is highly-renowned for its skin healing properties. While the mud mask does it job of deep cleansing, drawing out excess oils, impurities and toxins for an anti-aging effect, the organic essential oils keep your skin naturally hydrated, adding a softness and glow to your complexion.

Here are some of the benefits of using this Dead Sea Mud Mask:
1. Dead Sea Mud Mask Removes Dead Skin Cells - the natural silica found in the black mud hardens on the skin once you apply the mask. This step allows the mask to extract toxins and impurities located deep in the skin layers, and also to attach to dead skin cells. After washing it all off the result is clear looking skin, with clean pores and even skin tone.

2. Dead Sea Mud Mask Can Help with Acne - thanks to its therapeutic effect, this mask is a real life saver if you suffer from acne, black heads and breakouts. Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask contains natural minerals like magnesium, calcium, sulphur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium, which are known to treat, detoxify, and cleanse the skin.

3. Dead Sea Mud Mask Stimulates Circulation - when blood circulation is poor it leads to an uneven skin tone, patches on the skin, and may even cause wrinkles. By applying a weekly facial mud mask you can dramatically increase blood flow to your skin cells and achieve a healthier and plumper looking skin.

All Natural and Organic ingredients include: Pure Dead Sea Mud, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Jojoba Oil, Hickory Bark Extract, Organic Calendula Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Filtered Water, Xanthan Gum

What I say about the Dead Sea Mud Mask:
The mask comes in a 6 oz tub. It has a brownish greyish thick consistency. It looks like ..well..mud. My husband thinks it looks like cement. The mask has a very minty scent to it. It was a little overwhelming at first, but then it isn't as bad after a few seconds. The first time I used the mask I didn't follow the instructions (oopsie) and applied the mask after I washed my face. I felt like the mask did not really do anything impressive to my skin. So I reread the instructions and realized what I had done wrong. So I waited a few days and then tried again. This time I followed the instructions to a T (yay me!). That was definitely the key factor. This time I had great results. Once applied the mask felt a little tingly on my skin, but it only lasted a few seconds. I could feel like the mask drying on my face. When it was completely dried after about 10 minutes I removed the mask. The minty scent made the mask feel so refreshing when I removed the mask. My skin felt so soft and so clean. I noticed that skin did have a very nice glow to it. The following day my skin still looked and felt so clean.

Have you tried a Dead Sea Mask before?
What are your thoughts?

If you want to learn more about Pure & Essential Minerals or the mask:
Pure & Essential Minerals
Dead Sea Mud Mask

Disclaimer: This post was powered by BrandBacker. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Are you down with the latest hair trend?

Have you noticed how so many celebs are coloring their hair different colors lately? Like not just normal hair colors, but blues and purples. I know this has been a thing for awhile, but it seems like more and more celebs are doing it now. I just saw on Instagram today that Hilary Duff is the latest celebrity to go blue.

Maybe it's where I live, but I really haven't noticed a lot of people that aren't celebrities doing this trend except maybe just the ends of their hair a bright color like pink. I think it's really cool we live in a world where we can express ourselves by changing our hair color to whatever we feel like. The only problem I see with it is will good paying jobs still hire you if you have blue or purple hair? Will people still take you seriously if you have different hair color and you are not a celeb?

Here are just a few celebs that are with this latest trend....

What are your thoughts on this trend?

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: Radha Beauty's Argan Oil & Coconut Oil

I have definitely been talking about different kind of oils on the blog lately. I can't help it.. I am obsessed with them! I am a firm believer in their benefits and can not say enough about them. So it will come to no surprise that today's post will be about more oils. It is about Radha Beauty's Argan Oil and Coconut Oil. With both of these oils you can use them on your hair, face, neck, and body.
Keep reading to see my thoughts on them....

What it is: Argan Oil is a 100% organic, chemical-free oil that truly moisturizes and revitalizes your skin.  It has so much Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that you can immediately feel the amazing healing properties—for skin, hair, feet and nails. 

What it is: Argan Oil is a 100% organic, chemical-free oil that truly moisturizes and revitalizes your skin.  It has so much Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that you can immediately feel the amazing healing properties—for skin, hair, feet and nails. 

My thoughts:
The Argan Oil comes in a 4 oz/120 ml glass bottle. It comes with an eyedropper. It does have a very light scent, but it is actually quite pleasant. When I rub this on my skin it sinks into my skin almost immediately. It feels very lightweight and does not feel greasy at all. I love putting this on my body when I get out of the shower. My favorite way to use the Argan Oil is in my hair. I will put a few drops on towel-dried hair right before I blow dry my hair. My hair absolutely loves this stuff! It has added so much shine to my hair and made my hair less frizzy. Another favorite use of the oil is rubbing it on my nails and cuticles.  A little definitely goes a long way whether you are using it in your hair or on your body.

Here is how Radha Beauty describes the Coconut Oil:
The Coconut Oil is excellent on the skin and is a fantastic natural moisturizer. It can be mixed with other carriers and essential Oils. The Coconut Oil is predominantly composed of saturated fatty acids. It does not go rancid and has a very long shelf life. You can apply after you get out of the shower/bath and pat dry. It is a great massage oil that can be mixed with other essential oils such as lavender and peppermint. The Coconut Oil can help tame Frizzy hair and also works as a great moisturizer.  

My thoughts:
Coconut Oil is definitely my favorite of all of the oils. There are just so many ways you can use, on your hair or skin, or as a carrier for other oils..just to name a few. Radha Beauty's 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil comes in a 16 Fl Oz/ 473 ML plastic bottle. It is huge! It has a pop top lid. I really like the look of the bottle. I find it very pretty actually with the coconuts on the label. It is odorless and is a clear liquid. Since it is fractionated coconut oil it will stay in the liquid form. It also absorbs into your skin very quickly and does not feel greasy at all either. I have very sensitive skin and actually had an allergic reaction to some shampoo I was using, so I rubbed a little of the Coconut Oil on the rash. The rash was completely gone the next day. I also like using the oil as a carrier for other oils..such as peppermint oil or lemon oil. When I need a little boost of energy I love rubbing lemon oil behind my ears and anytime I have a headache I like to rub peppermint oil also behind my ears and on my temples..the coconut oil is a great carrier for those oils! I love using this oil as a "hot oil treatment"..I just pour a couple of drops into a microwave safe bowl and heat it up in the microwave. Then massage it into my hair and make sure to lather it up really well on the ends. It has really helped my hair become stronger and so much healthier!!

I am very impressed with both the Argan Oil and the Coconut Oil from Radha Beauty. I love that both products are 100% pure with no added chemicals. Radha Beauty has a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
Here are the links if you are interested in learning more about Radha Beauty or any of the products mentioned in this post:

100% Pure Argan Oil
100% Fractionated Coconut Oil

Disclaimer: This post is powered by BrandBacker. All thoughts and pictures are 100% my own.

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