Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MyGlam vs Birchbox Part 2

Ok so now that we went over birchbox, let's go over MyGlam....

It came in this adorable pink bubble wrapped envelope. I accidentally threw it away before I could take a picture of it, but it was definitely adorable!! So one big difference between MyGlam and Birchbox is every month MyGlam gives you a different glam bag (makeup bag).This month's theme was "back to nature," so here is a picture of the Glam Bag. It says Back to Nature on the top right corner.


The first item that was in the bag, well technically it wouldn't fit in the glam bag, was the Freeman Facial Peel-Off Mask in Cucumber. I have actually never tried a peel off mask, so it was definitely something very different for me. It is the actual full sized item, so thats definitely really awesome! You can actually find it at a drugstore, so if you really liked this product it would definitely be very affordable.   

The next item that was actually in My Glam bag was the Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. I was super excited when I saw this!! I have been wanting to try out the Wen Collection for some time now. So it is definitely very minty smelling. I enjoy the smell of mint, but if you are someone who doesn't care for the smell...then the Sweet Almond Mint is not for you. It a cleansing conditioner meaning you can basically use it as both shampoo and conditioner. I did try it out as both my shampoo and conditioner, just to see how it would do...I didn't really like it that method. I prefer only to use it as just my conditioner.

The next item is The Balm's Hot Ticket nail polish in the shade "Pale In Comparison." When I first saw it I was like ohh okay bummer. I kept seeing YouTubers with pretty pinks and vibrant reds, so I thought mine was kind of bland. BUT once I put it on my nails I was SO EXCITED! It is GORGEOUS!! I love everything about this nail polish...the color, the brush...

Here is the color on my nails. As you can see it is very neutral. I think this would be nice in a wedding!

And the last product that was in MyGlam bag was the SheerCover's Duo Concealer. I have used SheerCover before and I really liked the concealer. It has a lighter shade and a medium shade. Since it is winter time and always raining or cloudy..the lighter shade works perfectly for me. If you aren't quite the light shade and the medium is too dark..you can mix the two on your fingertip to create a beautiful color in between the two shades.

I don't really see myself purchasing the full sized item of the Cucumber Peel Off Mask and I am still deciding on the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. I will definitely be buying more of The Balm's Hot Ticket nail polish and the SheerCover Concealer. The concealer has a lot of product in it and is full sized, so it will be awhile before I will need to repurchase that product.

So which one is better-- Birchbox or MyGlam???

Overall, I am definitely impressed with both Birchbox and MyGlam. They both had some amazing stuff in their boxes/bags that I will be buying more of and they both had products that I probably won't buy. MyGlam had more full sized items than Birchbox, so that is something to take into consideration. I can't wait to see what will be in February's box/bag!!!

If you get Birchbox and/or MyGlam what are your thoughts about each? Please leave a comment, but remember everyone can have their own opinion. No judging! :)


  1. i'm getting more & more convinced each month that my glam is better<3

    1. I Am still on the fence which one I like better! I feel like they both have great months and then they both have bad.


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