Thursday, May 31, 2012

NOTD: Helena by Julep

Julep's Helena is a gorgeous berry pink color. I applied 2 coats and a topcoat. Helena was actually voted Julep's color of the year for 2011 and I can see's very pretty!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 2012 MyGlam

I am EXTREMELY late on this, but here is my May MyGlam bag review..

 Here is all of the items in the adorable pink bubble wrapped envelope.

The glam bag this month is blue with hot pink lips all over it. ehhh it's okay to me.

First item is a FULL Sized Studio Gear Complete Color lipstick in the color "Teaberry." 

The description on the MyGlam card says the lipstick is a "Rich Color that plumps and hydrates for perfectly kissable lips." I didn't really notice a difference as far the "plumping" goes, but it is definitely a rich color and very long lasting.

Swatch of "Teaberry"

 Next up are 2 more (and supposedly the last 2) of the MyGlam exclusive brushes. These 2 are the Concealer Brush and Defining Brush. They are both very small. I read a lot of mixed reviews on the MyGlam brushes...some girls are extremely happy with getting makeup brushes and some girls are so glad there will not be anymore. I think some even cancelled their subscription because they were so annoyed by the brushes.

What about you? Are you happy with getting more makeup brushes or are you so over it?!

Here is a size comparison of the makeup brushes compared to the full sized lipstick.

Out of all the items in the bag, the Philosophy's Love Sweet Love perfume sample was probably my favorite. It is a good size sample compared to most perfume samples. I really enjoy the brand Philosophy, so I was happy to get a brand I knew and could pronouce. :)

It is very fruity, so you have to enjoy those types of perfumes in order to enjoy this one. I hate the container it came in because I am so clumsy and almost spilled all of it out trying to smell it. I wish all perfume samples could be the spray ones.  

The last item is the Miss Beauty Nail Bling. I think it is very cute, but I wouldn't wear them on all of my nails at once. I will probably paint all my nails a certain color and then have 1 nail on each hand with the Nail Bling.

I could see how some of the girls were not happy with this item or actually the entire bag this month because it is definitely aimed more towards the younger subscribers. Overall, the bag was okay for me. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either.

What are your thoughts on the May MyGlam bag: Love it or Hate it?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Style Icon- Carrie Underwood

So everytime I am asked which celebrity I think always looks so put together from head to toe- there is always one person that sticks out in my mind....Carrie Underwood! Everything from her hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, and accessories are always up-to-date with the latest trends and just simply gorgeous! I think everytime you type in the word "wedding day hair" at least one of her pictures comes up. She seriously has some great hair!

Whether it is for an event or just seeing pictures of her walking down the street she is always very fashionable. Not to mention her legs are killer!! She is definitely an inspiration for not only fashion, but also fitness!

Which celebs do you think are always very stylish and you get inspiration from?

Memorial Day Sale- Forever 21

If you are going near a Forever 21 anytime this weekend, you might want to stop by and see what all they have because they are running a great sale! Who doesn't like 80% off their stuff?!?! I can never find any luck at my F21 when they have these kind of sales, but you might :)

Summer Clothes- Body Central

So I went to my parent's house yesterday and the newest Body Central catalog was there waiting on me. They really have some cute clothes for the summer, especially tank tops. Here are a few of the items that I circled in the magazine that I really liked...

I absolutely love this top above. You could dress it up for work with a cute black cardigan and black dress pants to make it work appropriate or dress it down somewhat like the model has in the picture with jeans and some cute black sandals.  

The back of the shirt absolutely makes this shirt! How adorable is it?! 

I love this adorable top/poncho. I just think it is so girly! I think some dark denim skinny jeans or even white denim jeans or shorts would look great with it. 

I love the detail in the front of this shirt and the coral!

This top just looks very comfortable, but still stylish at the same time.

Absolutely LOVE the color on this blazer! So fun for the summer. I would pair it with some cute white jeans and play it up with some accessoriess. You could even pair it with coral jewelry to go along with the summer trend.

If you like any of these items, I found them all at Body Central. Where are you finding your cute clothes for the Summer months?


Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey guys! I am sorry I have been M.I.A. and haven't posted any blogs lately. My computer actually crashed and I have been without a computer for almost 2 weeks. We actually had to get a brand new laptop. I am so bummed...the other laptop had my entire life on there...all my pictures..documents... it was a sad sad day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Paid To Test A Product?!?!

Want to try out the new Glam Shine lip-gloss from L'Oréal AND get paid for it?! Who wouldn't, right?! I know I do!

If you do want to, here's how:
  • Go to Toluna and sign up
  • After you have confirmed your email adress, sign back in
  • Click the down pointing arrow next to the "Rewards" tab on the top
  • Click "Test Products"
  • Click on the register button next to the program you want to do
And then wait to see if you were chosen to test out the product! The waiting part is always what it kills me...I am not a very patient person!

There will be tons of other products on the site, so keep checking back to see what all they have available! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 2012 Birchbox: Gossip Girl Themed

Okay, I am terrible and I have not been keeping up with my Blog..But I promise I will definitely do better!!!

So anyways,

I absolutely love when Birchbox does themed box, especially when I found out this month's Birchbox would be themed after Gossip Girl. I seriously jumped up and down with excitement! Gossip Girl is ony the best show on TV. I have been a faithful fan since episode 1 way back when. I am going to be so lost the next couple of weeks that it is on break.

Birchbox definitely did not let me down. I absolutely LOVE my box! So here is everything that I got:

My box was the "Black Tie Ball"

Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer

I am really excited about this product. I seriously just told my mom and sister a few days ago that I wanted to look into getting an anti-aging moisturizer. Even though I am still in my twenties, you can never start too early preventing wrinkles!

Arquiste Flor Y Canto Perfume

I have to say this is my least favorite item in the box. I am not really crazy about the smell of it. Plus I wish that Birchbox would only put the rub on perfume samples. I feel like these get messy..or maybe that's just me?!!

Beauty Blender Cleanser

Even though I don't have a BeautyBlender I was still extremely excited to see this when I opened up my box. I do have the London SoHo version of the Blender which I use and the Cleanser will also work with cleaning up brushes.

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I have been wanting to try some Stila products and I was extremely happy with the fact that I did get black instead of a crazy blue or green color.

Birchbox Extra: Gossip Girl Themed XOXO Notecard

I have to say out of all the colors of the notecards I have seen, I am happy with the color I got. Some people I saw on YouTube had a red notecard with the pink envelope ..I am one of the crazy people that have to have things match, so the gold and pink is so much better than red/pink combo.

What all did you get in your birchbox? Were you as happy with your box as I was with mine?

Southern Glamourista
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