Saturday, May 26, 2012

Style Icon- Carrie Underwood

So everytime I am asked which celebrity I think always looks so put together from head to toe- there is always one person that sticks out in my mind....Carrie Underwood! Everything from her hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, and accessories are always up-to-date with the latest trends and just simply gorgeous! I think everytime you type in the word "wedding day hair" at least one of her pictures comes up. She seriously has some great hair!

Whether it is for an event or just seeing pictures of her walking down the street she is always very fashionable. Not to mention her legs are killer!! She is definitely an inspiration for not only fashion, but also fitness!

Which celebs do you think are always very stylish and you get inspiration from?


  1. She does have great style. I really like Lauren Conrad's style.

    1. I do love Lauren Conrad's style as well! I love that she has her line through Kohls!


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