Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2012 Julep Maven

Julep Maven is another addiction of mine.. It is another one of those amazing monthly subscription services. I am seriously going to go broke with all of these services! You can get nail polish,hand/nail/feet/or toenail treatment, and other goodies in your box. It is a bit on the pricier side being $19.99 a month, but you can always cancel at anytime or skip a month. They are starting to sell Juelp in Sephora, but each nail polish cost $14 each--with the Julep Maven you can get 2 nail polishes, nail file, and cuticle oil treatment for the $19.99. Much better deal!

You take a quiz to see what your personality style is, but you can switch any month to a different style if you like what that one has better. My style is "Classic With A Twist" and this is what I got this month...

This is what the box looked like when I opened it.

The theme for June is all about Summer and being outside. I think the bright orange and yellow packaging is adorable!

The 3 cards that came in the box. Last month some of the boxes that came with polish had some messed up brushes that were basically falling apart. They complained to Julep and instead of them sending out new brushes to only those who complained, they sent everyone 2 new ones this month. I think that is pretty awesome!! I actually didn't nail polish in May's box..I got heal cream, foot scrub,  and foot cream, so I didn't have a problem with any nail brushes. So I actually ended up with 2 extra brushes!

 The brushes. 

Daylight Defense lotion for your hands and face with SPF 30. It has a yummy citrus smell to it..which I think smells amazing! It is very lightweight and has Vitamin E in it which is supposed to hydrate & strengthen your nails. It is 3 FL OZ, so no small sample here!

You can never go wrong with Lip Balm that has SPF 15 in it!! I think the vanilla mint smells so good, but I have read on other blogs that some girls weren't crazy about it. So you have to really enjoy the smell to enjoy this balm. I was so excited when I saw this in the box because there have been so many times that I tell myself I need to get some SPF lip balm during the summer, but I always forget.. Your lips need protection too!!  

The first nail polish I got was "Lauren." It is a gorgeous pink! I can not wait to wear this color!

 And last I got "Claire"- a really pretty sky blue color! This color just screams summer to me.

I am extremely happy with this month's Julep Maven. I do think it was well worth the $19.99. If you are interested in learning more about it or want to subscribe- here is my referral link :)

So if you are subscribed--what did you think of your box this month or Julep Maven in general?

****Want to try it out for 1 month to see if you would like it?? Here is the code to get a box for just one PENNY!!  COLOR2012 --- if this one doesn't work, google "Penny code for Julep Maven" and there will be several others that pop up. Enjoy :)


  1. The sub boxes from Julep are such a good price! I'm really thinking about getting at least one. I love the colors you received the blue is so pretty.

    1. You definitely should! Use the penny code so you can try it out without the price. Let me know if you decide to subscribe. :)


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