Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 2012 Favorites

I can not belive another month is over. This year seems like it is just flying by!! Here are some of the products that I really enjoyed this month. There really isn't that many products this month because I tried to use up the products I already had before making any more puchases in the month of May. But the few purchases I did make- I love them!

The first product is the Coach Poppy perfume. I didn't purchase this item, but my lovely husband did for me. I absolutely LOVE it. I think it has such a beautiful smell.

Here is the description the Coach website says about the perfume:

Chic. Vibrant. Whimsical. Poppy Flower mixes bright fruits with soft florals to capture the romantic side of the Coach Poppy attitude. Sparkling notes of citrus, lychee and cassis blend with water lily and jasmine petals to create an airy, lighthearted fragrance.

Palladio's Herbal Lip gloss is by far my favorite lip gloss right now. It seriously smells like a vanilla cupcake and is not sticky at all. It is a gorgeous pink with a blue undertone that has a bit of shimmer to it. It is in the shade "Eleventh Gorgeous" which is named after the YouTube Beauty Gurus, Tracy and Stephanie, also known as EleventhGorgeous.  I love watching their videos. They are both absolutely beautiful and their videos are always so entertaining. They teamed up with Palladio to create this beautiful shade.

I found this lip gloss at my local Sally Beauty Supply Store.

Swatch of "EleventhGorgeous:

 Okay, I know the Clearsil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream has been out for a while, but this stuff is amazing! I have tried this before when it was actually in the older packaging. A couple of weeks ago I got a few breakouts on my chin and on my jawline, so I needed something fairly strong to get rid of them asap. It dried up my pimples overnight and within a few days they were completely gone. It does have 10% Benzoyl Peroxide in it, which means it can get rid of your acne fast. It is also bad because it is extremely drying on your skin. You have to make sure you moisturize a lot or else your face will peel, peel, and peel some more. I only use it as a spot treatment.

You can find this at your local Target, Walmart, or most drugstores for a very reasonable price.

The last item is the Nyx Stick Blush in the shade "Pink Poppy." It can go on very sheer or you can build up the color without it looking cakey. I usually blend it in with my fingers, but you can use a brush.

So what were some your favorites for the month of May? :)


  1. Coach poppy smells so good! I can totally see why its your favorite! I haven't ever tried any of the NYX blush sticks but they sure do look nice.

    1. The Nyx blushes are very pretty. What were some of your favorites from May? :)

  2. I haven't tried the Poppy scent from Coach yet. I have the original Coach one that first came out. My husband gave me that as well. That and Philosophy's Amazing Grace are the only scents I can wear. As I'm highly allergic to perfumes and their scents. It stinks pun intended. I will have to check that one out. I don't have the NYX stick blush but, I have the cream one in a pan. I love their blushes. I have a stick one by NYC that I love.

    1. I do enjoy Philosophy's Amazing Grace as well. I love how clean it smells! I haven't tried the NYC stick blushes yet..I will have to try them out. :)


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