Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Being honest- when is the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? All of your makeup brushes? If it has been more than a week, then run to your makeup collection, grab your brushes and start cleaning right now! Bacteria, dead skin cells, oil, and dirt (just to name a few)  are building up on your brushes! YUCK! If you don't clean your brushes often and can't seem to get rid of acne, this could be the reason. There are so many products on the market now that can help you maintain clean and healthy brushes.

Let's go over the different types of cleaners:


 You can buy brush cleansers or sprays at stores like Sephora or MAC like the one above. You can spend anywhere from $10 to $20. The above cleanser from MAC is $13. This is just a quick and easy method to cleaning your brushes. You can use these type of cleansers after every time you use your makeup brush. 

How to clean your brushes with the above cleanser:
1. Pour a dime size amount of the cleaner on a clean paper towel.
2. Start gently sweeping the brush across the cleanser.
Make sure you sweep the brush in the motion of the brush- round brushes need to be swept in circular motions. Flat and angled brushes like eyeshadow brushes go back and forth.
3. Continue sweeping the brush across the cleaner until your brush is clean.
You might have to pour another dime sized amount of cleaner on another spot of the paper towel.
4. Reshape your brush.
5. Let brush air dry.


You can also use a daily spritz cleaner after EVERY use like the one above from Sephora. The above cleaner is $6.

How to clean your brushes with the above cleaner:
1. Spray the brush with about 3-4 spritzes of the cleaner.
2. Gently wipe brush across a lint free cloth.
3. Let the brush air dry.

If you are looking for more of an inexpensive route to clean your brushes, try a gentle baby shampoo like Johnson's Baby Shampoo. This method can cost you anywhere from $2-$5.

How to clean your brushes with the above cleaner:
1. Pour a dime size amount of the cleaner into the palm of your hand or into a small bowl.
2. Wet only the bristles of the brush with lukewarm water. Getting more than the bristles wet can cause damage to your brush.
3. Sweep the brush in the motion of the shape of your brush. Round brushes need to be swept in circular motions. Flat and angled brushes like eyeshadow brushes go back and forth.
4. Rinse the brush in the water. Still making sure you only get the bristles of the brush wet.
5. You might have to rinse out the bowl or wash off your palm and pour another dime sized amount of the shampoo into the bowl or your palm.
6. Continue doing this until there is no more color coming out of the brush or not any suds from the soap.
7. Reshape your brush and lay it down either flat or upside down.
NEVER put your brush with the bristles facing towards the ceiling when your brush is wet. The water will run down the brush and can cause the brush to rust and eventually deterioration of the brush.
8. Let it air dry. The best time to do this is at night, so your brushes can dry overnight and be ready for use in the morning.

Note: These are ways that I clean my brushes. Others may have a different method that works best for them...
to each its own right? ;)
 When using cleansers or sprays, the best method is to just simply read the instructions on the back of the product. Each cleaner may be completely different..some may require water and some may not.

What method do your prefer when cleaning your brushes?


  1. love this post! washing makeup brush is so important! thanks for sharing your tips :)

    btw check out my giveaway! I am giving out at 22k gold plated necklace Check it out here!

    1. Thanks girl & yes they are :) Great giveaway!

  2. Very informative:) I like to spritz my cleaner on the brush and then swirl on my hand. I think when my cleaner finishes, I will stick to the Baby shampoo..thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Yep -- I am in dire need of cleaning mine! LOL

    1. You better get to cleaning those brushes missy!! ;)

  4. I have not found a good cleanser for my brushes yet but for spot treatment I have been using Quo brand to get off makeup.. some people say baby shampoo for deep cleaning and some people say it doesn't work.. I guess I'm going to have to figure it out myself!


    1. I will have to check out Quo. Let me know what you think if you do decide to try out the baby shampoo method.

  5. I use a few different way to clean mine for spot treatment the brush spray is awesome. For Deep clean I use a mix of olive oil, dish soap, and sometimes baking soda if I'm cleaning my foundation brush. The baking soda really helps remove color from synthetic brushes.

    1. Great tips! I will have to try it out using baking soda!


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