Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I challenge you...

to go one whole week without painting your nails! I know, I know, that is really asking a lot. I will admit when I was first approached with this by Shikha from Get Me Gorgeous! I thought there is no way I can do this. The more I thought about it, the more I thought why not?! It's only for ONE week and it can really give my nails some time to just breathe. So I decided to join Shikha with her challenge.
So what about you...
Will you join us for this challenge?
If you are going to join the challenge, leave a comment below :)
Starts Oct 2nd- Ends Oct 9th


  1. I just did my mani today :/ haha
    But really I think my nails are in bad shape. I'll do it next week! :) xx

  2. Ok I have no idea how my comment ended up on your Blog hop page!!!

    But have fun with the challenge, I commend you, I would never be able to do it!!!


    Janelle @ GlamorousMama

  3. this is to me a funny chalenge,i paint my nails nearly every night because they chip so badly at work! (im a hairdresser) i will give this a go tho :)

  4. So I accept your challenge simply because I love you and your blog:) I'm somewhat nervous but why not?! Challenge accepted!

  5. I accept with the caveat that I can put on nail strengthner (Clear), my nails just broke so it a perfect week to "take off". :)

    1. Awesome!! (not that your nail broke, but that you are going to take on this challenge with us) :)

  6. I accept!! I just took off my polish today. :)

  7. I have been nail polish free for about 4 days now and I almost gave in and painted them yesterday!! :) But I think I can hold out until the 9th

  8. I already beat this challenge. haha! My nails were getting horrible from constantly painting them and I finally said enough is enough and stopped for several weeks. I still haven't painted them yet, which is why I haven't had a NOTD post in a long time or even shopped for any new polishes. My nails are the healthiest they have been in a long time.


  9. Aww I would do this but I don't think I would really count since I don't wear polish all that often.

  10. Man back in the day this would've been SO hard for me to do!! I no longer paint my nails...EVER! I have found a lovely new way to have beautiful long nails without painting them and I love it!

    I am stopping over via the blog hop at BlogLoveTherapy and am now following via email!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragemenet Group blog

  11. Just got shellac last weekend. I'm out this round. However, I'm a new follower from Friday Chaos. :)


  12. I rarely paint my nails...only because I can't! Haha! Stopping by from the Friday Chaos hop!

  13. I paint mine about once a year, lol. My daughter couldn't go w/o painting hers though... not for a week. :)

    Found you on Friday Chaos/following.

  14. Happy Weekend to you! I just found your blog through the weekend Blog hop. I am working hard on remembering to paint my nails every week! They have been on break long enough!

    I am a new follower and look forward to more beauty encouragement. Lord knows I need it! LOL!

    Roll Tide & have a good Saturday!

  15. From the blog walk! Cute blog! Stop by mine and say hello..


  16. No way could I ever do that! I love nail polish waaayy to much! Love your blog and in that picture of you with the caption "Hi there! I'm Amanda Mae," you look gorgeous! :) I found you via the BBU Blog Hop and followed!

    My blog: http://maddiechannel.blogspot.com/

  17. hi there! I saw your blog on Beauty Blogger Club, and I'm now following you via GFC... :) I hope you would also join my blog link exchange....

    hugs and kisses:)



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