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Guest Post: DIY Facial Toner

Hello everyone! I am SO excited to be a guest blogger today!!! I have been following Southern Glamourista faithfully for a little over a month now and was super excited when she offered this opportunity to me! Let me tell you three things about myself:
1. I have a brain injury...but you would never guess it from looking at me or talking to me! I got this in a car wreck in 2010. Because of the brain inury and back injuries I am unable to work so I started blogging as a way to keep myself from going crazy and to feel like I have a life...and I love it!
2. I love, love, love crafts! I am a big time crafter!!! My latest thing is refashioning clothes, but I also enjoy creating my own clothes from blots of fabric which I buy on clearance or at yard sales, I LOVE to crochet (but only know a few basic stitches!), and Pinterest gives me plenty of inspiration to keep me well supplied with other types of crafting!
3. I don't wear make up! Ever! Why? Well, that's a long story...but you can start with this post. It was a long journey, and took a lot of courage to start the transformation of going from a 'mask' to my natural face, but I have to say I am much more confidant in myself than I used to be and that is very important to me!
Now for today's post...this is a DIY Beauty Recipe...and one that I hope many people will find helpful. I have to admit that when I first saw this idea on Laurel of Leaves I was like, "yeah right...that won't work" ...but, as you will see, it DOES work!
Because of the Car Wreck (mentioned in #1 about me) I am constantly having medicine changes, and my body does not always like the medicines I am on. The most recent medicine has caused ridiculous breakouts all over my face (mostly my forehead, but some on my chin and by my nose too) and it drives me crazy because I was one of those lucky girls who never had a problem with pimples or zits or breakouts, ever! I'm not used to this! Which leads me to a second problem: I started a terrible habit of messing with the little bumps so that makes them look even worse!!! (I am doing a lot better about not touching my face with the recipe below and not touching my face my breakouts are not near as awful as they were in the beginning!)
I want to show you some pics in which my face is all broke out...and is terribly embarrassing and gross. (There is NO editing on my everything there is what it actually looked like in real life). These photos are from November 2012:
This is probably one of the worst breakouts I experienced since starting the new medicine. There is a bunch right in the middle of my eyebrows, and a ton on the right side of my face (when you're looking at the photo).
Here you can see that the breakout in the picture just before is getting better.
New breakout...and I forgot to mention that breakouts are painful...I'm sure you all already knew that...I didn't before now. Those little suckers hurt!
A fairly normal day when I keep up with washing my face with the toner (recipe just below!).

An awesome day! I think I had a few little bumps, but they were so small! I almost felt like I was back to my normal face!!!
Why yes that is a piece of cookies and cream chocolate I am holding! :)
I started using this water and vinegar mix on my face at the beginning of November. All the photos above were taken during the experimental period of this recipe (because I didn't think it would help so I had to test it before I shared it on my blog...or in this case on Southern Glamourista!). Honestly I want to try using white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar, but I haven't had a chance to experiment with that yet!
Things I figured out:  1. My breakouts are not as bad as they were when I didn't use the water/vinegar on my face! A huge deal for me!! 2. If you pick at a sore on your face the vinegar will sting...but applying the vinegar/water mix actually seemed to help mine heal up faster so any time a pimple/sore popped I would put some of the mix on it to help it along. 3. Seriously apply this stuff carefully around your eyes if you apply it at all. I just stuck with under my eyes at first and then after I had got to everything else and the rag was not as wet I would gently dab my eyelid area. If you get the mix in your eyes it will burn! 4. I kept my mix stored in a regular food container under the bathroom sink and it seemed to do fine. I only made up this recipe once for the whole month and that was using it multiple times a day sometimes!
1 cup of water (I used regular tap water)
1 cup of apple cider vinegar (I used Great Value brand from WalMart)
You can make more or less of this mix as you need just keep equal portions of water to apple cider vinegar so if you want half the mix I have above just do 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar.
1. Get a plastic container (I used one that we keep leftover food in and it worked great!) to store the mix in.
2. Pour both the water and apple cider vinegar into the container. Put the lid on and make sure it is sealed and then give it a good few second shake.
3. Keep it stored in your bathroom cabinet (that's just where I kept mine!).
How To Use
1. Make sure your face is clean and make-up free.
2. Rinse your face with cool water.
3. Take a wash cloth and wrap part of it around your first three fingers on one of your hands. Dip it into the mix and hold it there for a few seconds. The wash cloth will soak up the mix and you will feel it on your fingers. You don't want to soak your wash cloth, a little goes a long way and you can always get more with a different section of your wash cloth if you need to!
4. Start at the worst areas that need the most attention. For me this was usually my forehead and then I would start at the areas that were really red. Gently dab (and you can even do a light scrubbing motion too...I did this sometimes because on sores that were open it just hurt too much not to do something!). If an area is stinging just pause a second and let the stinging go away. Reapply to areas that sting. Continue to the rest of your face by gently apply the water/vinegar mix until you have it all over.
5. Let your face air dry for the best results. (Another reason you don't want a sopping wet wash cloth!)
How Often?
Well this depends on how bad your breakouts are. Mine were awful (keep in mind this is awful in my world...your terms of awful may be completely different!) and I wanted this stuff to work its magic so I applied it when I woke up in the morning (rinsed my face with cold water and then applied) and then at night before I went to bed. Any time during the day that I felt/saw a new breakout coming on I would apply again. After about four days I started to notice that the sores would scab over and fall off. Yuck, but truth you should know ahead of time! Also, I didn't use any other soaps, moisturizers or facial products while I was experimenting with this (I rarely use them anyway). I did notice that some areas of my forehead became a little dry, but that didn't bother me. If you have a dry forehead you can always apply a light moisturizer once your face has air dried. Of course if you have any questions you can always leave a comment below (I'll keep up with comments on this post here!) or you can stop by my blog and leave a comment anywhere and I'll do my best to answer your questions!
I have had so much fun sharing this easy DIY beauty tip with you all today! I know that I've had a blast writing up this post for today!! I am always experimenting with something in the beauty area so if you enjoyed this post please feel free to stop by and visit: Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty! If you leave me a comment I would love to see your blog too!!
Thank you, Amanda!


  1. Thanks so much for having me today Amanda!!

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  2. Great post! Thank you for sharing. I try to go at least 3 days without makeup so that way my skin can breath.

  3. That is great!! And thanks! :)

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