Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest Post: Perfume Collection

Hello everyone, I’m Rebecca

I write a dreamy little blog filled with crafts, beauty and fashion called Rebecca Recommends

About me

I love:
romantic novels,
Mr Darcy,
(by I want to lick that man....)
baking pies,
50's fashion,
peppermint tea,
& romps in the countryside.

Sometimes I think I really should have been born in another generation, but then I remember online shopping…

I spend most of my time baking, crafting and wandering around Hampshire with my boyfriend Oliver. He’s kind of lovely.

You can read more about our adventures on my blog- feel free to stop by! : )

In the mean time, Amanda Mae has asked me to review my perfume collection for you:

Here are all my perfumes. I didn't intentionally buy them to match; they were all gifts from lovely people :) I know most girls like to have a signature scent, but I think it's great to have a few for different occasions!

1. Dolce & Gabbana- The One, for her.

My Mam gave this to me because she didn't really wear it. I absolutely love it! it smells really clean and fresh and I wear it on a daily basis.

2. Chanel No. 5

There's a reason this perfume is an absolute classic. It's gorgeous! you only need a tiny spritz and it lasts all day. I wear it when I'm in the mood for some vintage glamour. It's been adored by women for the best part of a century, and it just smells like a 1920's dance hall- amazing!

3. Prada Escentual

This perfume reminds me of my best friend. We first discovered it on a Christmas shopping a few years back, and we loved it! I'll probably buy it forever because it reminds me of the fun we had that day. It smells a little bit like wood smoke, and I'm going to spray it on my wooly scarves this winter :)

4. Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker
This is a really feminine floral fragrance, and I use it if I'm going on a date. It's also a delicate enough smell to use on linen- and I recently used it to make my drawers smell nice.

As a side note, I recently picked up this little bowl from Urban Outfitters :) it's perfect for storing my earrings and I'm thinking of starting a collection of vintage saucers from charity shops.
I arranged all my perfumes on my dressing table as a form of decoration-

What do you think?




  1. I am obsessed with Armani Mania...such a beautiful and fresh fragrance. I love your collection. :)

  2. I've never smelled any of these but they all sound amazing!

  3. Prada - I'm dying to try this perfume, and the bottle designing is amazing!

    pheromone cologne

  4. Chanel No.5 certainly has amazing smell. You have nice collection of perfumes. Have you tried any other perfume?


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