Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Ornament Swap

I participated in a Christmas Ornament swap hosted by the lovely Jessah and Erin. I was so excited when they released the list of our swapping buddies. I not only got a really sweet girl with an awesome blog to send an ornament to, but also to receive from. 
So Alynne Leigh from Designed To Love spoiled me big time with the ornaments she sent me. She looked through my blog to find ornaments and goodies that are "me" and wow she nailed it! I would have definitely picked out these ornaments for myself! 
Look how adorable this picture holder is!!
Adorable snowman!!
I LOVE cupcakes!
She also sent me some candy canes and an adorable Christmas card.
Thank you so much Alynne Leigh!! I absolutely love everything you sent me!
I sent my ornaments to Jessica from My Here and Now Life, so definitely check out her blog and Alynne Leigh's.


  1. I love the cupcake ornament!!! So cute.:)

  2. Happy December! Cute ornaments. Thanks for joining our swap.

  3. Dropping by from the ornament swap link-up -- I've been loving seeing everyone's ornaments! Love the cute cupcake!


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