Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2013 Julep Maven

This month's Julep Maven had the theme "Escape and Unwind."
It is all about the neons and nudes!
Not only did I receive 2 nail polishes, but also 3 neon hair ties, a hand & cuticle stick, and "swatch me" stickers! Wow I am impressed!!
The hand and cuticle stick reminds me of a glue stick!!
It is made with Shea Butter, Vitamin C, and E.
It is very soft and has a very pleasant smell to it!
Madison- Electric neon pink crème
Grace- light pink sheer
It came with these cute "Swatch Me" stickers that you put on the lid of the polish so you can see what the polish looks like swatched!
Such a great idea!!
 It came with a sheet of 20 stickers for all of the Julep polishes you may have.
And some adorable neon hair ties!
What did you think of January's Julep Maven box?


  1. I love the swatch me stickers! So cute, and the polishes are lovely:)

  2. I actually skipped this month's box, I didn't like the neon-nude combo.
    But those stickers are actually pretty cool :) xo


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