Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project 20 Pan

Okay, I am sure everyone has heard of "Project 20 Pan" and maybe even done it/attempted to do it. I myself tried to do this challenge awhile back, but didn't even last a day! (oops) But I am DETERMINED this time around to smack this challenge in the face!
I should probably explain what exactly "Project 20 Pan" is before I start doing my smack talk, just in case you aren't sure. It's basically where I have to hit pan on 20 products aka use all of the product on 20 beauty related items. I decided to do this challenge because I was getting a washcloth out of my bathroom closet when I looked down at the 3 shelves that were completely full of beauty related products. There are a lot that I have not even opened and some that have only been used once or twice!! GASP! How did this happen?! I'll tell you how! I see a product that I just have to have and then all of a sudden BAM a new product comes out that is supposed to be even better than the other product, so of course I have to go out and get that one. So the older product gets put in the bathroom closet along with all of the other "not as good as the newest products."
So here is to challenging myself and maybe even rediscovering old favorites!
Repeat to self over and over: I will not purchase any new products until I have used up 20 items.


  1. I need to do one of these too - I looked in my closet and found wayyyy too many products the other day! I forgot I had most of them!

  2. haha that's exactly why I'm doing the 100 day spending ban!
    I have too many products that I don't use...

  3. I did this at the beginning of last year and it went well! You totally can do it! Granted I didn't pare down my makeup stash much but the hair, skin and body products have diminished and I did use up a foundation or two besides my normal one! :) This may be silly but I allowed myself to buy as long as it was replacing something I loved or I didn't have anything like it. :) It forced me to really consider which products I loved and check my stuff before I bought so I learned what I really like and what was just hype :) Good luck! :) -S

  4. Ahhh I tried this and failed! Good luck!!


  5. Good luck lady!! It will be tough but I know you can do it! :) You should post updates along the way...I'd love to read.


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