Saturday, July 27, 2013

Guest Post: Nursery Dilemma

Ok so Amanda agreed to let me do a "baby post" as a guest post on her blog. I tried to come up with something super awesome, but at a little over 6 months pregnant, I am baby brainwashed! It's literally all I think about. What should we name the baby? How should we decorate the nursery? Is it ok to buy skinny jeans from the baby girl section even though we're having a boy? Is my butt really getting this big?! You know, your regular every day thoughts...hee. Butts and skinny jeans aside, the nursery has been such a struggle for me. I have so many ideas, but maybe too many ideas. I don't want his room to look like a jumbled hodge podge of a room. It's hard to focus on what "style direction" I want to go. I don't do themes. The whole goo-goo gah-gah, baby overload thing doesn't get my blood flowing. I still want the room to have class and be a place for mom and dad to relax as well. 

My main struggle has been the wall behind the crib. It's the biggest wall. Right now it's big and white and EMPTY. So today I thought I'd share some inspiration pics that I've come across. Maybe you guys can give me your opinion? 
The Name Game...

I could make the crib wall a place to display his name? Making it extravagant, so that his name is to bold focal point of the room?


Crib Collage...

Originally, I thought for sure that I would do a frame collage behind his crib. I'm still LOVING that idea, but dad isn't so much...Plus do I leave the wall white? I'd honestly like to leave the walls all white. Just to keep them fresh and clean. I like the idea of the lower pics, how they toss in other art and doodads and not just the frames.

Statement Wall...

Orrr do I skip my white walls idea and do a statement wall? Some fun stripes? A few wall decals? 

Decisions, decisions! What do you guys think?? Have you already decorated a nursery? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

You can check out what I've done in our nursery, so far here and here and you can keep up with our posts on our Facebook page! :) We're also doing a nursery tour series on the blog! If you'd like to share your nursery on our blog, contact me at


Melissa Loren

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