Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guest Post: Review of the Rimmel Apocolips/ Show Off Lip Lacquers

Hello girls!
We are so happy to be guest posting on Southern Glamourista this week! I guess we should start by introducing ourselves! We are Stephanie & Laura, and we have a YouTube channel called A Brunette Duet! Before we started YouTube, we tested the waters by blogging. We met some wonderful girls, Amanda Mae being one of the first! When she asked us if we wanted to guest post for her while she was on vacation we said of course, because hey, that's what friends are for!
Our post today is on a product that has had a lot of hype in the UK, and was released in the United States only recently.  We've been waiting for these for a while and were so excited when we finally got our hands on them!

We picked up five colors between the two of us- Nude Eclipse, Luna, Stellar, Apocaliptic, and Big Bang. There is a huge variety of shades, and we think Rimmel did a great job of having a color for everyone.

L to R: Nude Eclipse, Luna, Stellar, Apocoliptic, Big Bang
Upon application, these feel silky smooth- and as they dry down they become more more of a semi-matte finish. Rimmel doesn't promote these as either a lipgloss or a lipstick but more of a hybrid.  They most resemble a liquid lipstick in our opinion and they provide complete opacity in one application.

The lasting power of these is great, the intense pigmentation truly stains your lips, so you will have color long after application. Because they are intensely pigmented, application is crucial.  These are not a "swipe and go" type product.  You really have to pay attention and apply it evenly, otherwise it will fade unevenly.

These also do not provide any hydration and tend to feel a bit dry on the lips as the day wears on.  We've found that reapplication or topping it with lip balm after it dries does a great job of fixing the issue since they aren't moisturizing, but they aren't too drying either. Since they aren't hydrating at all, they tend to cling to any dry patches- so be sure to exfoliate your lips ahead of time! 

These retail for $4.99 exclusively at Walgreens for the time being.  Hopefully they will be released to other stores soon.  They also are part of a special display, but will be part of the permanent display this fall. Walgreens frequently has coupons and Buy One Get One 50% off, so you can get these for a steal if you play your cards right!

We'd love to know if you've tried any of the Rimmel Show Off/Apocolips (Seriously, why did they change the name for the US?! Apocolips is so cute!) and what your thoughts are! If you're planning on buying any, what shades are you interested in?


Thanks again to Amanda for handing her blog over today, and if you'd like to see more from the two of us, head on over to our YouTube channel to watch our latest video! :)



  1. Hi Girls!
    I purchased two Show Offs in Nova and Celestial. I thought they seemed like more subtle options...but I was wrong! They are INTENSE! Still, I ended up liking them overall. I totally agree with everything you said about them--exfoliating will help, and I definitely wouldn't apply them without a mirror. And...why can't they be called Apocalips here, too?! Such a cute name.

    I've really been enjoying A Brunette Duet on YouTube and I'm so glad I found Southern Glamourista now, too!!

    My blog, Buttons and Bees Beauty, is in the baby stages, but I'm having so much fun with it. There is a pic of the Show Off in Nova there. I'd love it if you'd check it out!


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I haven't tried any off the Show Offs yet, but I definitely need to after reading Steph and Laura's post! They look amazing!

    I will definitely check out your post! :)


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