Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

Yuck! Is it already Monday? Where did the weekend go?!!?
I received the Sunkissed VoxBox from Influenster a couple of days ago (to see everything I got click HERE) and I thought I would do a close up of some of the things I got in the box. Today's post will feature the Ouchless Ribbon Elastics from the brand Goody. These ribbon elastics are everywhere and I think every brand/company is starting to sell them.
What they say:
Goody’s NEW Ouchless Ribbon Elastics offer you a unique hair tie to personalize your ponytail. As beautiful as ribbons but soft and stretchy too, these hair ties are “knot” your average elastic. New Ribbon Elastics are both comfortable and fashionable, plus look great in your hair or on your wrist.
What I say:
I agree with them when they say that they are fashionable and comfortable. I don't like to wear my hair up very often because it can give me a headache from the hair ties. So I will wear them really loose, but then my hair falls it's usually a lose-lose situation and I end up not wearing my hair up! I didn't have that problem with the Ribbon Elastics. It felt very comfortable and wasn't too tight or too loose in my hair. I don't really think they are that stretchy though. I think those that have really thick hair will have a problem with these ribbons.
 I really like that it does not give you that awful crease in your hair after wearing for a couple of hours. I hate that crease! I don't think these ribbon elastics would damage your hair as much as other hair ties can!
I do wish they were a bit more stretchy and maybe the knot a little smaller.
$3.97 (Walmart) or $3.99 (Target)
You get 5 in a pack, so that does seem a bit pricey to me.
Where to find:
What do you think about the Ribbon Elastic craze?
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  1. I have some that a friend made me and I really like them.

    1. wow that's awesome that you have a friend that makes them...I'm jealous! ;)


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