Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Favorite Youtubers

Hey y'all!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! There is usually someone or a few people that you look up to that help you with the latest fashion trends or makeup styles. For me it is a few people from YouTube that I look to help me master that winged eye or pick out the perfect shade of blush to match a bold red lip!
Here are a few of my favorite Youtubers:
(not in any particular order)
Jaclyn Hill
Casey Holmes
Makeup by Tiffany D
A Brunette Duet
and of course MissGlamorazi
Who are your favorite Youtubers?
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  1. I love these, especially the 2nd one!

  2. Aw, thanks for featuring us, Amanda!

  3. I love these girls too! I also love Nicole Guerriero, Emily Noel, Melmphs, Fleurdeforce, Zoella etc I'm kinda addicted I think haha

    1. I have to admit I am pretty addicted as well! My husband would say I definitely am ;)


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