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Guest Post: 5 Tips to Reduce Waxing Suffering

5 tips to Reduce Waxing Suffering

Getting rid of unwanted hair is always a priority especially at this time of the year. With a number of hair removal options available, waxing is one of the commonly used options among many people and this method can help rid of unwanted from different parts of the body. Whether it is the legs or the bikini line, waxing can give you amazing results if properly managed.
Bikini wax can be painful and unbearable if handled poorly. These complications can be experienced during and after the procedure but things do not have to be like that. Some of the most common side effects associated with waxing include pain, redness, inflammation, ingrown hair and bumps among other things. You can however get the best hair removal waxing treatment devoid of these complications and suffering by considering the following tips.
Tips to prevent discomfort associated with waxing
  1. Avoid trimming your hair too short before the treatment
Many people make the mistake of trimming their hair too short before or in between the treatment sessions thinking it will ease the pain and make the process faster. However, this can only produce the reverse results and should be avoided. If your hair is long, the best thing will be to trim it to around 1/8 inches. This way, you will get the best results while minimizing pain during treatment.
  1. Exfoliate the treatment area gently before the treatment
Exfoliating the specific area where you need to remove unwanted hair will help unblock hair follicles and skin pores thus making it easy for the treatment to be done successfully. The process helps by removing dead skin cells which in return helps avoid chances of ingrown hair.
  1. Protect your skin from the sun
Exposing your skin to the sun a few days after the treatment could cause unpleasant redness. However, this can be prevented by using sun protection especially during the first 24 hrs after the treatment. In addition to this, it will be advisable to wear clothes that are not too tight. This will help avoid friction on the skin thus preventing unwanted redness.
  1. Avoid waxing if under medication
Before undergoing waxing hair treatment, it will be important to discuss your health with the therapist involved. Some allergies could complicate matters for you in addition to some medications such as Differin and Accutane and therefore you should not undergo the treatment if using any of these. Additionally, you should avoid waxing in case you are using some tropical creams and lotions including Retin A or AHAs. These products are incompatible with waxing treatment.
  1. Avoid alcohol and pain relievers prior to the treatment
Many people make the mistake of using pain relief medicine or alcohol with the hope of minimizing the pain associated with waxing. However, these should be avoided as they do not produce the desired effects but instead tightens the pores making the treatment rather painful.

Waxing hair removal does not need to be painful if done professionally. The side effects associated with the procedure are minimal when the treatment is done in the right environment and by a trained therapist. Always seek to work with a qualified therapist for quality results.

Written by: Molly

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  1. Great tips. I do wax regular sometimes my skin get red. Hope these tips will help me.


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