Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: Wet N Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain " Rico Mauve"

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So today's post is all about Wet N Wild's Megaslick Balm Stain in "Rico Mauve".

Here is how Wet N Wild describes the balm:
Now you can amp up your lips with one stick for a kissable pout in no time. To keep you pucker-perfect, these all NEW lip balm stains glide on smoothly while conditioning the lips. Enriched with Acai Palm Oil, this amazing formula forms a protective shield on the lips to prevent feathering. Complete with six great shades and continuous moisture, the formula leaves the lips with a unique minty, cooling sensation. No matter how long the kiss, this balm will last and last.
Here are my thoughts:
So I am going to break my review into a few different categories. So that way we cover all of the important stuff...

Appearance: 9/10
We will cover the appearance first...since, well hello, that's the first thing you see. I enjoy the look of the lip balm. It does look like all of the other balms on the market, but I still think it is cute. I like the look of the big white font in it. It definitely caught my eye when I was browsing through all of the makeup. The product does twist up and down when you twist the metal part at the bottom of the balm.  The plastic top does click in place, but comes off fairly easy. It has a very minty scent. to it which I actually like.

 Longevity: 6/10
It doesn't have as much lasting power as I had hoped.
It lasted almost 2 hours before it started fading.

Color: 6/10
The balm begins as a beautiful mauvey color, but then ends up turning hot pink on my lips...which unfortunately is not my color. I was a little disappointed in that.

Texture: 8/10
This balm definitely feels very moisturizing on my lips.
 It does not feel sticky or thick on my lips. It actually feels very nice when applied.

Final thoughts:
  So this balm definitely has it's pros and cons. I think I am a little on the fence about it though.
I may try some of the other colors to see if I like them a little better.


Have you tried Wet N Wild's Megaslicks Balm?


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