Friday, May 15, 2015

GTL: Taylor Swift

Happy Friday!
So Taylor Swift's fashion has definitely evolved over the years. I feel like she has gone from girl next door to a major style icon. I think she has a very unique style. I think that she sorta writes her own rules when it comes to fashion. I have seen her wear current fashion statement pieces, but also do a throwback to the 60's and 70's. I really enjoy her style! So when I saw this picture of her floating around the Internet I knew I wanted to recreate it for a much more affordable price.

Oh and can we all stop and admire how AMAZING her legs are looking these days!!
Girl has been working out!!

So here is Taylor's outfit. Her black and white scalloped lace shorts are from Alice + Olivia. They retail for $298. Her black suede ankle boots are from Prada and retails for $990 . And lastly, Taylor's pink purse is from Charlotte Olympia and retails for $765. 

Total Cost of Outfit: $2053.00

I found this basic black scoop neck long sleeve tee from Express for $24.90. I am sure you could find one for even cheaper somewhere else. The white and black floral lace shorts are from River Island and are on sale right now for $24.00. I wish they had the adorable scalloped ends like Taylor's shorts do, but it is still pretty close and for a much cheaper price! I found a pink leather crossbody purse at Forever 21 on sale for $16.99. It doesn't have the cute little feline picture on it like Taylor's does, but it will do. The black suede ankle boots are from Target and are on clearance right now for $13.98. I actually think pretty much most of the stuff I found was on sale...SCORE! 

Total Cost of Outfit: $79.87

WOW! I am very excited and impressed that the entire outfit is under $100. 
I hope you enjoyed this Get The Look For Less. I love doing these and find it very thrilling to try to get an entire outfit for a very small amount. 

Who is a style icon that you would love to get 
some of their outfits for a much more affordable price?

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  1. Hey! I am hosting a $100 Visionworks giveaway and would love if you would stop by my blog and enter! Giveaway ends tomorrow!

    1. Awesome! Thank you I will definitely check it out! :)


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