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Guest Post: Power Dressing with LBD

Defined by Vogue as “timeless, essential, iconic”, the little black dress is a thing every woman must have. Also referred to as LBD (which is short for the little black dress), it can be an evening or cocktail dress whose main characteristic is that it is short – due to which it got its name in the first place.

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A little bit of history
The origins of the little black dress can be ascribed to the 1920s France, where she was introduced by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. Their intention was to make it affordable, which means accessible to a wide market, and to make it long-lasting. Black was chosen as a neutral colour, so that it can be versatile and essential to woman’s wardrobe. It has been widely accepted as a rule of fashion, and every girl or a woman should have one.

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Since one of its features is to be long-lasting, it is supposed to be as simple as possible, and not to be a part of any trend at that moment, so as not to appear outdated at almost any time.

The little business dress
In recent years, the little black dress has slowly started entering offices. However, the trick about this is to make it less provocative yet keep it stylish. Since black is a perfect neutral colour for the office,  simple yet chic black dresses can be combined with almost anything.

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Due to its versatility, you can add a sparkling jewelry, silk scarf, a jacket or blazer, and you are ready to go to for a business meeting. The only trick is to find one that is not so ‘little’, for example knee length, and when you combine it with high heels you will have a perfect daytime look.

LBD advice
In order to make your look similar to that of Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, here is what you should have in mind. First of all, you should always try it on. Since we all have different sizes and different brands make different numbers, you can be mistaken by buying a dress that cannot fit your hips for example. Remind yourself to always try it on.
If you cannot decide between two dresses, you will not make a mistake if you choose the one with an eye-catching detail that will look great with your new pair of shoes or that ne bag you have just bought.

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Especially if you are buying LBD for work, you should forget about the saying “less is more”. When it comes to business clothing, you should always remember the purpose, and that you will be looked at, so if your skirt is a bit shorter the effect will be completely opposite.
It is always best if you left something to imagination, so as it was mentioned earlier – a knee-length would be perfect. And as for the top part – this is on you to decide. Of course, your cleavage should not be deep, but if you already have such, you can wear a turtle-neck underneath it, so that you do not have to buy a new one for the job.

Written by: Nika

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