Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Fashion Post + Target Coupon Code

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Heyyy there! Happy Sunday!
 I typically don't post on Sunday's, but I figured since tomorrow is Memorial Day and I am not sure if I will post then because my husband and I are currently in the process of moving again! Ahhh! My husband travels a lot with his job and I love being with my husband and traveling so I always go with him. It is a win-win situation. :)
Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love any holiday that can celebrate our troops and their families. My Father-In-Law and my Papa (who is in Heaven now) are both Veterans, so Memorial Day is not just another day for us. I am extremely thankful for everything that anyone that has been/is/will be fighting for our country and all of their family members. It takes a lot of sacrifice to have someone in the Military....for that I am forever grateful!
One way my family and I usually like to celebrate Memorial Day is by having a cookout and spending the day by the pool. I love dressing up and displaying my American Pride on days like Memorial Day and 4th of July. So I found some adorable pieces just in case you are just like me...

Okay, so first up I found these two very patriotic tank tops. They are both from a Boutique that I follow on Instagram called 512 Boutique. They have some of the cutest stuff! You should definitely check them out. Both tanks can be paired with anything or red shorts or 
even jeans or black leggings. 

You can find the tank tops here and here

For my dress lovers, I found these two adorable dresses! I am in love with the both of them! They both look so comfortable. I found both dresses at another Boutique I follow on Instragram (are we seeing a pattern here? haha). The Boutique is called In Bloom Boutique and is definitely another one you should check out. The Navy and White dress on the left could be paired with some red accessories to really give it the red, white, and blue look. I personally would not pair the dress on the right with a lot of accessories...maybe just one bracelet because you don't want to take away from the dress. 

You can find the dresses here and here

For those that will be spending the day at a pool, lake, or the lucky ones that get to spend it at the ocean I definitely did not want to leave you out. I found some American Pride bathing suits at Target aka my favorite place in the World. I can definitely spend way too much money there. Target literally has everything, so it comes to no surprise that they have adorable flag bathing suits. I think both pieces are beyond cute and actually you could get both and just mix-match the different pieces together. So you would actually end up with 4 different bathing suits instead of just two. :)

You can find them here* and here.*

Target is having a Memorial Day Sale!
You can get 30% off all apparel by using
 the promo code:

Code is only valid May 24, 2015 and May 25, 2015
So Act Fast!! :)

How will you be spending Memorial Day?

P.S. Thank you again to all of those that have been in the Military, are in it now, or are planning on it in the future and to all of their loved ones as well...
Thank you for sharing your loved one with the United States. :)

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