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Review: Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun

Hello Gorgeous! 
So every girl always wants to have that beautiful sunkissed glow about their skin, but we don't want to get skin cancer from laying out in the sun or going to the tanning bed. So we wear sunless tanner and sometimes we end up looking like an oompa-loompa and other times we look like we just got back from a beach vacation in the Bahamas. We always hope for the latter, but unfortunately with sunless tanner you always take that risk of looking like a streaky, smelly, orange mess. I love trying out sunless tanner and hoping for the Beach-Goddess look. My latest sunless tanner that I am trying out is the new Natural Glow Instant Sunless Tanning Mousse from Jergens. 

How Jergens describes the sunless tanner:

Flawless, natural-looking color—in an instant

Using Advanced Color Complex, JERGENS® Natural Glow® Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse uniquely works with your skin tone to mimic results from the natural sun. This airy, moisturizing mousse allows for a precise, even application that dries in just 60 seconds.

How to Use:
Pump mousse into your hand and smooth evenly over clean, primed body skin. Use sparingly around elbows, knees and ankles. Wash hands immediately after application. Allow skin to dry prior to dressing.
Color will develop instantly and deepen over the next several hours. Use once for natural-looking color and repeat the next day if deeper color is desired.


My Thoughts:

Appearance & Color:
Jergens' Instant Sun comes in a 6 Fl Oz/ 177 ML plastic bottle with a pump applicator. It is available in two shades: Light Bronze and Deep Bronze. I went with the deep bronze shade because I like to look like I have spent the past 100 days chilling out on the beach in my swimsuit drinking a pretty drink that has an umbrella in it. I felt like I wouldn't achieve that look with the light bronze. I applied one coat the first time I used it. After a couple of hours I really could see the color change..I looked like a bronzed summer Goddess..okay, maybe not, but I did look like I had a nice tan. It looked very natural and was not orange at all. I did not have any streaks or blotchiness. I received several compliments from people telling me I had such a beautiful tan. I waited a few days before I applied another layer of the sunless tanner. This time I definitely got a darker tan and it did look a little bit more orange. It wasn't oompa-loompa orange, but I could definitely tell I used sunless tanner. It still was no where near as bad as some sunless tanners.  



The sunless tanner is a liquidfied mousse. Meaning it a mousse consistency, but runny. It is very easy to use and blends very nicely. Jergens makes the claim that the sunless tanner dries in 60 seconds and I actually found that inaccurate. I felt very sticky for several hours after I applied the tanner. The tanner didn't get on my clothes or my bedding when it was drying, but my skin just felt very sticky. 

When you first apply the sunless tanner it does not smell like the typical sunless tanner scent. It actually smells very pleasant, but after a couple of hours you can definitely smell the sunless tanner smell. By the next day, you definitely smell like that typical sunless tanner. If you just make sure you take a shower the following morning after you applied the tanner and use a scented body wash it will mask the scent a little better. My husband said he couldn't really smell the tanner after I took a shower, but I could still smell it faintly. It definitely smells better than a lot of other sunless tanners on the market. 

After the first time I applied the tanner I noticed it started fading after about 5 days. It actually was fading very nicely and was not patchy or splotchy at all. I was very impressed with the longevity and how it just faded beautifully. 

Overall, I think this is a great sunless tanner and would recommend it to anyone wanting a beautiful bronze look. I would suggest to use a mitt when applying to protect your hands very looking like an ugly orange mess.

Price: usually between $11.99 and $13.99 depending on where you get it
Where to find: Most Drugstores, Walmart, and Target
For More Information:

What is your favorite sunless tanner?

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  1. I've steered away from using sunless tanners as I'm always petrified I'll end up looking like an Oompa Loompa! After reading your review I think I wouldn't mind trying one coat of this Jergens Instant Tan.

    Thanks for linking up with the Monday Makeup Madness link up party :)


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