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Get Fit With Me: How to Stay Fueled For Your Workout

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So I thought I would switch it up a little bit on the blog today and instead of doing my Get fit With Me post on Friday..I thought I would do it today. So I want to talk about how to stay fueled for your workouts. As you know, what we do before our workout can make or break our potential success!  There are a few things that you should do before, during , and after your workout. I feel like I get the most out of my workout and have seen more results after doing these things. 
Please keep in mind I am definitely not an expert nor do I think I am. These are just some tips and tricks that have personally worked for me. I hope they help you out as well! 

1. Eat & Drink Right
The biggest mistake I think I have ever made when working out is working out on an empty stomach. You don't realize how important eating before your work out is until you do it on an empty stomach. You lose energy extremely fast and are very weak. It honestly made me feel very sick. You definitely do not want to eat a heavy meal, but something very light that will help maintain your energy. I love making smoothies full of greens and bananas. One of my favorite pre-workout snacks is to put peanut butter across a rice cake and then cut up a banana and put it on the peanut butter rice cake. I like to eat no less than two hours before I go workout.  Another important tip is to stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water prior to your workout. There is a thing as overdoing it though., so be careful not to drink too much water. You definitely don't want to feel it sloshing around your belly. ETB Fit offfers some healthy alternatives to fuel your fitness. They do offer some of the markets cleanest and affordable products to help with your pre-workout.

2. Put Your Exercise Clothes On
Okay, I know this one sounds silly, but how many times have you talked yourself out of working out?! If you are anything like me, then I am sure it has been more than once. When you are in your pajamas or your work attire and thinking about putting on your pajamas the last thing you want to do sometimes is put on your gym clothes and go workout. Something may catch your eye like a good television show or you get caught up reading the latest gossip on your Facebook newsfeed and then boom it is bed time and you didn't work out that day. Well, I have discovered that if you just put on your workout clothes..I am talking the entire outfit from your tennis shoes all the way to putting your hair up and then go look at yourself in the mirror you will be more motivated to actually go workout. It has worked for me every time. You see yourself ready to go, so why back out now! Another great tip is to have a motivational quote or picture taped on that mirror, so when you see yourself in your workout clothes and then you look up and see a motivational quote or picture it will definitely give you that extra push that you need. 

3. Stretch
I know this is probably another no-brainer. But you wouldn't believe the amount of people that just go full-force into their workout without stretching first. A very important tip is to not cold-stretch. You want to warm your muscles up first by doing some light cardio. I like to do light cardio for at least 15 minutes before I start my workout. This will definitely help warm up your muscles and help you get the best workout possible.

4. Have a Music Playlist
Music can definitely inspire me to start working out and to help me during my workouts. It can definitely help keep me motivated when I am running low on energy. You should download an app called Spotify on your phone and create a playlist of songs that help you get in the mood to workout. This has definitely helped me. I love when I am battling in my head whether or not I want to go workout and I turn my Spotify playlist on. My brain instantly stops the battle and is like "It is on!" Playing good workout music can definitely help you stay motivated when you working out too. Sometimes I get so caught up in the music that I forget how long I have been working out. I love listening to upbeat music or songs with a good beat to it. Some of my favorite songs to listen to during a workout are: "Sail" by Awolnation and pretty much anything from AC/DC. 

5. Switching up your Routines
Doing the same ol' routine every time you workout can get very boring and is definitely a fast way to get burnt out. I love switching up my routine, so that I look forward to working out everyday. I will do exercises aimed towards my arms and upper body on Mondays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are cardio days. Wednesdays are abs day. Friday is leg day aka the most loved and hated day. I will switch it up every couple of weeks as well, just so it doesn't become a routine. 

6. After your Workout
One of my favorite things to drink after a workout is water infused with lemon and lime. There is just something so refreshing about this drink especially after a workout. I will usually eat a fruit after my workout such as an apple or a banana. For dinner I like to make sure I eat something packed full of proteins such as salmon and a sweet potato. 

What are some things you like to do to help yourself stay fueled during a workout?

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  1. These are very helpful tips. I am drinking a lot more water, than I use to which is a good start. I have definitely changed a few of my eating habits. I guess I should get a workout outfit, that might motivate me more! Unfortunately, stretching is something I forget to do.



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